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There will always problems come to life, we can’t choose what kind of problem that will come to our life. But we can choose to fight or to flight.

I think most of the time I chose to flight. It is easier to runaway from problems, just be home, hug your mom, watch movies and read novels to forget your problems. I was deceiving myself, kept telling myself that my life was okay, but actually it was not. I chose to be alone, so that no one can hurt me. My friend once told me that she saw me building a wall, so that people cannot approach me. I didn’t realize it before, but one thing that I know for sure, I don’t want people to have pity on me.

Deep inside, this kind of scenario haunted me all the time. I started to seek God more frequently; I thought I need another hidden place to runaway. But God is never a hidden place, He doesn’t let me runaway from my problems. When I prayed to Him to let go all my problems, He didn’t say yes to it. Instead, He stays with me and strengthens me, then helps me to fight my problems.

Romans 8:37
” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us”.

My God is the real King, He doesn’t let His child to be a loser. Bible says, Jesus makes me more than a winner. To be a winner, first, I have to fight the battle. In every fight, I got hurt that I wanna cry out loud and quit. Again, He doesn’t let me quit, He wants me to reach the final and be more than a winner. He strengthens me in every fights, He gives me comfort and heals my wounds. The most important thing is I am closer to Him as He leads me in every fight and I can learn to become more like Him.

At the end of the days, I just can say “thanks God, for letting all these things happened in my life.” Because I know that His plans are the best for me, that right now He is changing me into someone He would love to see in me.

Let me quoted some from C.S. Lewis,

“God allow us to experience lowest points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.”

Fight your battles guys, but remember you cannot do it alone. That is why you need Him, He will lead you, heal you, comfort you and make you more than a winner. Go, FIGHT!

Have a blessed day, readers!


Your sweetest Melody, ❤

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