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WOMAN. When you look up the definition of a woman in the dictionary, you will find several definitions such as: a female worker, an adult female, and a woman belonging to a particular category.

As women, we find ourselves wondering what our worth is, where we belong, and where we truly fit in. Scripture tells us one thing but the world screams something completely different at us.

Let’s look at the definition of a woman that God gives us from the very beginning.

“It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” -Genesis 2:18

When you think of the word “helper” what image is brought forth? An assistant? A maid? P.A. (Personal Alalay)?

God has called women to be so much more than a “helper”.

A more accurate translation of the commonly used “helper” is “helpmeet”.

The Hebrew word Azar/Ezer is translated as help and the word Kenegdo as Meet.

Just like Eve, the Lord created every woman with a purpose. The recognized absence of Eve was the first time God said something was not good. He saw a need for her; a role that could not be filled by man.

Today’s generation, TV, media, books, and magazines have taken what a woman is suppose to be & changed her into what they want her to be.

We see pictures of different women in the magazines, billboards and begin to wish we looked just like with them. We forget that those women have makeup artists that fix them up daily, make their hair seem perfect, and computers that photo shop their face and body to meet the worlds “perfect image” of a woman. We start losing our identity, hence forgetting our worth because we strive to add up to what society wants us to be instead of who God created us to be.

When we lose our identity in Christ, we begin to try and find it in other things and places. One of the places that I see so many young girls/women striving to find their identity in is men. Women become emotionally attached quickly, it’s part of our makeup. We want to nurture people, including ones who treat us terribly. We have forgotten how God has called men to treat us because again, the world tells us something completely opposite of scripture.

Scripture says: “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, they become ONE flesh.” -Genesis 2:24

Let me ask you something: are you going to go around verbally abusing yourself all the time? Most likely your answer is no. If a man is ONE with you that means you are as much a part of him as he is a part of you. He shouldn’t be verbally, physically, or emotionally abusing you.

Obviously one flesh means marriage, so what about dating?

A guy should be dating you with purpose. So many times a guy and girl decide they like each other and start dating without ever asking themselves where they want their relationship to go and most of all how they’re going to get it there.

When a guy dates you without any purpose you’re both setting yourself up for temptation, heartache, and voids. It sounds harsh, but it’s truth.

There are times women are willing to lower their standards and throw their morals out the window, forgetting their worth because they begin idolizing the idea of a relationship.

So what is your worth?

Jeremiah 1:5 says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;”

God set you apart before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb. He knew you and ordained purpose over your life.

I had one serious relationship before and because he is not the man God had ordained to be my husband, my vision became clouded. I could not hear everything God was trying to tell me because I was too busy pouring out into relationship that was not even with the person I would one day marry.


Ephesians 2 tells us that God seated us in heavenly places with Him. That He raised us up from our trespasses.

All the sin you have ever committed or will ever commit was laid onto Christ when He hung on that bloody tree for you. He chose to blot out your sins and seat you in heavenly places with Himself. How gracious and merciful is that? How much more does that portray the purpose God has specifically placed over you and your life?

Let’s dig a little deeper into relationships. I believe there are specific things a boy/man can tell you that you need to recognize as a lie. So let’s look at those things & replace them with truth.

Lie #1: We’re going to get married anyway, so it’s okay for us to have sex.

Truth: “It is Gods will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable;” -1 Thessalonians 4:3-4

So many times, we get attached to the boy in the beginning that we find it hard to leave the boy that comes out in the middle of the relationship. Boys realize you have become attached and start feeding you lies hoping you’ll remain with them.

Lie #2: You are worthless.

Truth: “Since you are precious and honored in my sight..” -Isaiah 43:3

Sometimes guys become verbally abusive. They try to belittle your worth, making you feel worthless. They hope that in attempts to make you feel worthless you will stay in the relationship in hopes to build your worth back up in their eyes.

Your Creator finds you to be precious and honored in His sight, don’t let a boy or anyone else tell you differently. You were so worth it to God that He laid His one and only Son’s life down for you. That’s how worth it you are.

Lie #3: You aren’t good enough.

Truth: For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. -Psalm 139:13-16

It says “wonderful are Your works”. You are one of God’s works, which means you are wonderful. You ARE good enough to be treated well.

One other thing I want to address is patience. I see a lot of women settle for less than who God has for them because they’re tired of waiting, or they feel that there are no good men left in the world.

I encourage you to pray about where God has you right now. Learn to be content in your season. Tell God that you desire a husband, but that you first want to become content in Him. God is your FIRST love. Isaiah 54:5 says that God is your Husband. Become one with Christ before you try and become one with someone else.

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 3:13-14

Forget your PAST mistakes, remember the purpose God has for you and strive forward to Him. He loves you, you are precious in His sight, and He longs to reveal to you your purpose and worth.


Your sweetest Melody, ❤


My Bestfriend Jonathan

My Bestfriend Jonathan
My Bestfriend Jonathan

Last week for the very first time, God gave me the privilege to be part of the 2014 Pastoral Conference of our church (Lord of the Nations) and one of the topics was about the story of David and Jonathan. I do not have any notes regarding the lesson because I was the one who handled the LCD that time yet I was listening and I was enlightened to Pastor Allan Gamiao’s messages.

Many days as I was observing people inside the church, I find that the church today is actually a very lonely place. Many people have experienced a total relationship shutdown. Some have walked through painful church splits, others have been betrayed by friends they trusted, and still others have closed their hearts entirely to avoid being hurt.

It’s as if we forgot how to have true friends. I’ve even met some people who’ve told me they just can’t risk building friendships. So they live in isolation. They bear their own burdens. They get no encouragement. Some end up in depression. Aha! Something is wrong with this picture!

In the story of David and Jonathan, we see that God put Jonathan in David’s life at a crucial time in his journey to the throne. And if it were not for Jonathan’s covenant relationship with his friend, David would never have been able to overcome the obstacles he faced during the reign of King Saul.

The same is true for all of us. You will never achieve your maximum spiritual potential without the help of those key relationships God places around you. They are God’s blessings to us. Yet in order to benefit from these friendships you must open your heart and take the risk of being a friend.

According to Proverbs 18:24, “A man who has friends must himself be friendly” (NKJV). You cannot wait for a friend to reach out to you. Take the first step and be willing to break the stalemate.

As a Christians, we should experience a sense of family connection, but there are certain friends you will feel deeply connected to because God is putting you in each other’s lives for a reason. Don’t resist this process. Let God knit you to people.

There were times in David’s life when he had to encourage himself, but in this case, Jonathan was God’s instrument. He didn’t just encourage and support David when it was easy, he stayed loyal, no matter what trials presented themselves.

David confided in his friend Jonathan, and in some cases, he poured out his heart in frustration. At one point he said to Jonathan, “What have I done? What is my iniquity?” (1 Sam. 20:1). When I’m going through a difficult trial, I sometimes just need to voice out. And I have loyal friends who let me process my pain and they don’t run and tell others else about my weakness. This is true friendship.

At one point in David’s journey, Jonathan realized his friend would one day be king of Israel. This was actually Jonathan’s inheritance, since he was Saul’s son, but he acknowledged that God had chosen David instead. So he gave David his royal robe, his armor and his weapons (see 1 Sam. 18:3-4). This is a beautiful picture of how we are to prefer and honor each other. Jealousy destroys friendship. If we have God’s love in our hearts, we will want our friends to surpass us.

Jonathan lived in the spirit of Jesus’ word about friendship. If you have been hurt in previous relationships, break out of your isolation and ask God to heal your heart. Then choose to be a Jonathan to someone else.

So, let’s look at our friendships today.

I’m not going to tell you to abandon any friends who aren’t perfect, or who might need your support.  I am going to tell you that if most of your friends are not the kind of people you can turn to when you need support, you might want to separate a little.  Watch quietly.  Look at character like Jonathan did.  Then love those solid friends as you love your own soul.

“Jonathans” in our lives are essential, most especially to those with unending demands and sweeping emotional heartaches. I urge you to seek the Lord today by asking Him to lead you to someone for whom you might become a “Jonathan.” As a result, you will be used by God to give to this person invaluable help and hope.

If you already have friends like that?  Remind them today how much they’ve blessed your life.  As I think over the many, many friends who have blessed my life, I am deeply and incredibly humbled.  Many of them don’t even know the depth of joy and blessing they’ve given me, but their influence, their words, the memories I have of them have reached into my life and reminded me of what’s important in ways they wouldn’t have dreamed were possible.



– Credit to Pastor Allan Gamiao (LOTN Las Vegas) for his inspiring lesson and for the TITLE of course!

– I would also like to thank the two persons close to my heart, Abegail Camille Arago and Monica Shiena Sagad for the encouragement, insights and a lot of ideas to made this possible.



Your sweetest Melody, ❤

Some Friendships are not Forever

Friends for a reason. Friends for a season.
Friends for a reason. Friends for a season.

It’s amazing how a total stranger can walk into your life and within a week, a month, or a year you couldn’t imagine living a day without them in it.

And then it’s just as amazing that a friendship that took a decade to build can just crumble and never be the same and all that remains is dusty photographs and old memories and that friend that was once so dear to your heart becomes a stranger once again.

If there is anything I’ve learned about friendship over the years it’s that you never know what will happen when a person first walks into your life. You never know if that person will become your best friend or just an acquaintance. And you never know how long they will stay or on which fateful day they’ll walk away. You don’t know if you should trust them with your heart, mind, and soul and then regret it one day when they leave and you have to let them go.

You just don’t know.

I used to hate the uncertainty of people who come and go during different seasons of my life. What’s the point of creating new friendships and relationships when you don’t even know if they will last? What’s the point of sharing life with someone for just a season only to have them leave at the end without looking back?

Those were the questions in my mind as I faced a new prospect for a friendship or relationship. And the question in my mind was always the same: “Should I or should I not step into this… and how will this end?”

Each friend I made taught me something special and brought something new into my life.

Each friend influenced me in one way or another, sometimes in a big way, sometimes in a small way. And whether or not those friends would stay in my life in the future didn’t make such a difference to me anymore. They played an important role in my life and if that’s all the time God let me have them for then it was worth it.

I’ve come to learn that some people are meant to stay in your heart, but not in your life.

Some people come into your life and stay for good. Others just stop by like a timely guest, never overstaying their welcome, leaving before you get too comfortable. And I’ve come to terms that it’s not the end of the world to have people in your life for just a season.

That’s just the way of life.

Some people in my past that influenced me greatly and that I couldn’t imagine not always holding a special place in my life I have not seen in days, months, and years. I have learned to just be grateful for the times that we shared in the past. And it has also gave me a fresh perspective and makes me appreciate my present.

After all I will never know how soon a friendship I thought would be “forever” will just end.

I don’t know how soon some people will just slip away from my life whether for a period of time or for good and I need to enjoy the people in the moment that I have instead of wish for the people in my past to regain that role in my life and take up the space in my heart that they no longer have.

People come.

People go.

But the time they have shared with you and the lessons they have taught you will leave an imprint on your life and in your heart forever.

Never be too scared to step into a relationship because of the fear of the unknown and because you don’t know if it will last forever or one day come to an end.

The difference they make in your life will be worth it.

The truth is you will never know exactly how a friendship with someone will unfold the moment they step into your life. And you won’t know how long you have with them before their time is up.

Sometimes you get them for forever.

Sometimes you get them for a season.

So learn to appreciate them, love them, and build memories with them but also learn to hold them loosely, after all you don’t know when it’ll be time for you to let them go.

And never run after anyone who is walking away because maybe they are no longer meant to stay.

Thank God for the relationship you had and the lessons you learned along the way but don’t keep on hanging on to people who are no longer there.

Even if the relationship didn’t last forever it was not a waste because it taught you lessons that will last a lifetime.

Close that door and start making room in your heart for someone else to walk in – because when you are ready and the time is right God will send a new friendship your way.

“Don’t worry about the people in your past, there’s a reason they didn’t make it into your future”

Trust and let go

Your sweetest Melody, ❤