The Reasons behind my S-M-I-L-E


Filipinos always have time to smile. I believe the simple act of smiling does far more than just make you look friendly – it can change your life and the lives of those around you. So even in a simple day, I always manage to response with a smile. I have a lot of motivation to smile but here are the 100 random reasons why you always see me smiling. ^____^

SMILE! It's free!
SMILE! It’s free!
  1. I am blessed
  2. God has a lot of promises for me
  3. My family
  4. Making a new friends
  5. Connecting with an old friend
  6. Yogurt
  7. Discovering a talent I never knew I had
  8. Reading a new book –The Longest Ride
  9. Chocolate
  10. Blogging
  11. Kittens
  12. Puppies
  13. Remembering what it was I forgot
  14. Blessing in isolation
  15. Inspirational quotes
  16. Cuddling
  17. Talking with my spiritual family
  18. “Aha” moments
  19. Marshmallows
  20. Holding our baby Luke
  21. Message from my old friend
  22. I feel beautiful
  23. Making someone’s day
  24. Receiving an “I miss you” message
  25. Sharing your favorite desert
  26. Flowers
  27. Being forgiven
  28. Red lipstick
  29. Music
  30. Falling in love
  31. Dancing
  32. Kwek-kwek (Filipino street foods)
  33. A cozy blanket
  34. New pens
  35. Traveling
  36. Watching your favorite movie again (and again and again)
  37. Reading inspirational articles
  38. My mother’s advices
  39. Afternoon naps
  40. Pillowy clouds
  41. New list of songs in my phone
  42. A full moon
  43. Experiencing perfect timing
  44. Knowing you did the right thing
  45. My perfume
  46. Giving hand to other people
  47. Favors from God
  48. Bubble baths
  49. Long walks
  50. Baked macaroni
  51. Great lunch prepared by Mama
  52. Kindness from a stranger
  53. Finding money in my pocket
  54. Facing my fears
  55. Baguio City (Northern part of the Philippines)
  56. Looking through your family picture
  57. New beginnings
  58. New devotional notebook
  59. Falling asleep when you’re really tired
  60. Love letters
  61. Good dreams
  62. Vintage wallpaper for my desktop
  63. Children laughing
  64. Stars
  65. Sharing my deepest secrets

    Photo: Google Images
    Photo: Google Images
  66. Sister’s bonding
  67. Good hair days
  68. Art
  69. Clear blue sky
  70. Old photos
  71. The first cup of tea in the morning
  72. Happy memories
  73. Getting over a broken heart
  74. Encouraging words
  75. My ministry family
  76. A BIGGER piece of pizza
  77. Being tickled
  78. Laughing til I cry
  79. New vocabulary
  80. Spell check
  81. Surprises
  82. Day dreaming
  83. Looking up at the trees
  84. True love
  85. Second chances
  86. New officemate
  87. Rainbows
  88. Green grass
  89. Birds singing
  90. Answered prayers
  91. Unanswered prayers
  92. The sunrise
  93. That moment when a butterfly lands on your finger
  94. Finished work
  95. Friends you can count on
  96. Scarfs
  97. Adventures
  98. Lessons how to manage my finances
  99. Friday Bible Study
  100. Jesus loves me! ^_____^

So what’s yours? Share with me the reasons behind your every smile. 🙂

I hope you always find a reason to SMILE. :)

I hope you always find a reason to SMILE. 🙂


Your sweetest Melody, ❤



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