My Best Dance Step in the Last Heartbeat

LORD OF THE NATIONS (Dance Ministry)
LORD OF THE NATIONS (Dance Ministry)

May 2, 2012, a remarkable day for me! Yeah, for those people who knows me personally, they know that it is my birthday but well, God made it as an extraordinary day! 🙂 That was my FIRST DANCE, not to perform, not for myself, not for the world but for my Master, my King and my God. It was a great and different feeling dancing for His Name. That was also the time that I surrendered everything to Him and that I gave every part of my life to Christ Jesus.

Dance has been a huge part of my life since I was a child but I know I do not have a very flexible body to do ballet and other dance genre. Hindi ako kasinggaling ng ibang mananayaw. Napaka-slow kong makapick-up ng mga steps at lalong hindi ako madaling maka-memorize ng mga steps but I always believe that God called me to this ministry and He will equip me to this. God is there to help and teach me and confirm what He has already taught me in order to strengthen and encourage me.

Dancing is my passion and for me this is not just a talent. To have a passion in dancing is not based on your moves rather it is your powerful emotion to have that you get not tired of doing it. You have this eagerness to learn new steps and you can’t imagine life without this. You love doing and doing it.

When I dance, each movement is for the glorification of my Master. My breath is constantly aware of His giving of life. I don’t impress others with me in the dance but impress with the God in me. Having a passion in dancing taught me that I really should prepared at all times. Kailangan everytime I will dance for God maibigay ko yung the best para sa Kanya. Dancing for the Lord is the heart of my calling. Hindi ko man alam kung hanggang kailan ako sa ministry but I will dance for Him until to the very last beat of my heart.

Dancing is also my way of worshiping my God. I dance for God’s glory. I love to dance because I can express what is inside of my heart. When I’m not moving or dancing, I feel like something is missing in my life. It’s the overwhelming feeling of my spirit and joy when I am just able to let myself go and truthfully, absolutely nothing beats it for me.

Jesus wants to dance with me also. He wants to lead my life and guide me through every season of my life. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. In all my ways, I acknowledge Him and He directs my path. (Proverbs 3:5-6) I know it is not going to be easy and I will have hard times coming but I have to TRUST Him!

In every dance that I offer to the Lord, it satisfies my soul and I feel His heartbeat. I have to lean in close to hear His whisper. He is speaking all the time and I will just listen. I read His word and spend intimate time with Him. If I take a wrong step, He just starts right where I left off before I took that wrong step. And I just keep trying it again and again until I get it right. He is full of grace and love.

When I get too weak or the dance gets too hard, I experienced His presence and I feel that He carry me. Just like when I was a little girl and I would put my feet on top of my daddy’s big shoes and he would dance around while I just held on tight. God will carry me through my dance until I am strong enough to dance again.

There is freedom in Jesus’ love. There is freedom in the dance. And such a freedom is priceless, yet free. Free to all who desire it.

Until my very last heartbeat, I will give my best dance step for Him! I praise my precious Jesus, my Beloved! I praise Him for the best dance of my life. I will continue to dance forever more.

Romance me O Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs.

Dance with me O Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs.

My personal prayer:

Heavenly Father, my Lord for this dance, I willingly present to You my body, my soul and my spirit. I submit them to the desire of the Holy Spirit. Glorify Yourself within me, as I put away my own purposes and motives. Move within my body for Your purpose. I pray You accept my dance offering to You and use it in Your will to heal, free and bless others. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


My first Chruch anniversary dance at Cuneta Astrodome. Glory to God!
My first Chruch anniversary dance at Cuneta Astrodome. Glory to God!



a typical girl and a woman of God.
a typical girl and a woman of God.

G (God) /  U + I + DANCE = Guidance

God over you and I and the ministry.  He is superior and all things are under Him. Above all else, He is the overall source of guidance. He would always be on top!

 – Credit to:

Mr. Erick Estilloso for giving me the idea and for this superb title.

Mr. Mark Vincent Periabras for adding thoughts and improving the formula .

Your sweetest Melody, ❤


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